From the beginning, CCB has been supported by Centennial ISD 12 Community Education and the Centennial ISD 12 Instrumental Music Department.  We are grateful for their support. In particular, we’d like to thank these individuals who assist us in so many ways:

  • Corinne Sendle, Director of Centennial Community Education
  • Becky Weiland & Carvel Kuehn, Centennial High School Band Directors
  • Christine Ringen & Gina Wolleat, Centennial Middle School Band Directors
  • Theresa Johnson, Centennial Facilities Coordinator
  • Sharon Sculley, Centennial Community Education Programs Coordinator
  • Eric Webster, Centennial Performing Arts Center Coordinator
  • Centennial High School & Middle School Custodial Staff

Member of the Year 2024: Payge Schagemann-Jones


Payge has been named Member of the Year for 2024! She embodies kindness, diligence, dedication, and humor. With a heart full of generosity, she eagerly steps in to help wherever needed, lifting others up when they're feeling down. Gracious and humble, she quietly works behind the scenes, serving as a board member, head of social media, and librarian.

Outside of her commitments, Payge is a devoted mother of three boys and a loving wife. She's also a skilled cross-stitcher, boasting a blue ribbon from the Minnesota State Fair, and harbors a passion for all things Halloween.


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