Non-audition recruitment is directed toward post high school and adult brass, woodwind and percussion players, as well as junior and senior HS students. Freshmen and sophomore students may be considered for membership by audition or recommendation of their primary instrumental teacher. The age of our memberships spans six decades, and has included three generations as well. 

It is expected that members have the basic skills necessary to work toward their highest level of performance ability, and will commit to the overall growth and musical refinement of the ensemble. This includes reading notes and rhythms, having a secure embouchure for good tone production and demonstrating basic fingering technique.

We are looking for new members from the community and surrounding areas to help fill out our expanding organization. The band is open to interested woodwind, brass and percussion players to join a few rehearsals without obligation.  If you are interested in joining, contact Kerri LeJeune at 763-785-9007 or submit the contact form and someone will contact you to answer any questions you may have. 

Membership Fees

Maintaining active membership in the band requires reasonable attendance at rehearsals and performances and payment of an annual membership fee in the amount of $75.00. The membership fee partially supports operational expenses, such as facility fees for rehearsals and performances, development and maintenance of music library (including literature, folders, copy paper, printing) and other office supplies. It also covers the stipend for music instruction by a licensed/degreed director. Full dues payment, or payment schedule arranged with the treasurer, must be documented by the end of October.

Interested musicians are invited to try some rehearsals throughout our season without obligation. After three rehearsals, visiting musicians will be considered members and expected to pay full dues or arrange a payment schedule with the treasurer.

Associate Membership

If you are unable to join the band as a playing member, but would like to support it, you may join as an associate member by paying the $75.00 annual membership fee. Associate membership has the following benefits:

  • Support your local band
  • Tax deductible contribution
  • Listed on our support page
  • Mailing list communication of upcoming concerts and events
  • Free admission to concerts
  • Reduced cost on concert CDs
  • Participate in future tours
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