Spring 2022 Information

We will return to band rehearsals on Tuesday, March 15th, WITH SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IN PLACE, Our director, Barry Zumwalde, feels very confident that we are able to hold rehearsals in a safe way at this time (with safety measures being followed), and that he has some fabulously fun and exciting music pieces planned for us to tackle.  (See lists below.)    


-Kirkpatrick Fanfare 

-Little Fugue -based on Little Fugue in G Minor 

-American Riversongs 

-Washington Post March 

-Witch and the Saint 

-Festal Scenes

-Jesus Christ Superstar 

-Three Amigos 

-Pas Redouble  

-The Mandalorian 

-The Beatles (Medley)  

-Ashokan Farewell  

-Vacant Chair 

 Safety Precautions to be followed at Rehearsals:  

*Musicians sitting spread out 3 feet apart from one another (center of body to center of body)

*Air quality measures are in place within Centennial High School building 

*Masks worn at all times except when blowing into instrument 

*Rehearsals will be held no longer than 90 minutes 

*Early rehearsals could be started out by having sectionals versus full group 

*A 10 to 15-minute break will be taken during the middle of the 90-minute rehearsal    

*A cloth or container MUST be used when emptying spit valves (and taken with you when you leave) (NO spit on floor!)  

*Attendance will be taken weekly  

*All members (old and new) MUST have received initial vaccination for Covid 

*Request to have each member show their vaccination card on their initial return  (once only) 

*Dues will be waived for returning members/$50 dues fee for new members joining us 

© Centennial Community Band 2022